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Thread: In sended emails: No phrase found by.....

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    In sended emails: No phrase found by.....

    Hi all, I had this issue a long time ago, with my first website, and Flynax team solved this in no-time. Whats the problem?
    The website send a email to user, and in that email I see:

    No phrase found by "view_details" key No phrase found by "renew" key No phrase found by "expire_date" key

    Product description on the website----- This give the url on the website ---------- this is the expiration date--

    How can I solve this by myself, so I see the real text. The website is Dutch, so I have the Dutch language, and translate a lot, what doesn't translated, but I do not see if this is a translation issue, but more a database thing??? Or do I think wrong?

    I like to solve this by myself be course a other website has also the same issue.


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    Try to compare two files cron > index.php from your current site and the last update 4.8.2 using merging tool

    otherwise, reopen the ticket

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    ok Rudi, I wil try. I did not update yet, it is stil version 4.8.1 and it was all from the beginning,but in that time I left it as it was, and there are no users yet, so I thought, it will come, sometimes.
    I will try soon what you say, and hopes it works for me.


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