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Thread: Store the ip of user

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    Here is what I see on my website:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Can View Post
    Here is what I see on my website:

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    How the ips were added there?
    Where did you find them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Logmanov View Post
    How the ips were added there?
    Where did you find them?
    Go To: Control Panel > Plugins > AutoReg Prevent

    They were added automatically by the plugin.
    Must be the plugins A.I.

    However, they can also be added manually as I understand.

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    I previously started the following thread to put users recommendations on one page instead of them being scattered across the forum and soon forgotten:

    - Forum Title: What Do You Recommend Flynax focus on Next
    - Forum URL: https://forum.flynax.com/showthread....-focus-on-Next

    Who knows maybe Flynax will consider it as a plugin.

    You have my vote.

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    He wants to know the IP of the person making the listing. Not the IP from a auto blocked IP.

    I want the same thing, If a person make a listing I want to know that persons IP.
    If that guy is fraudulent and the police want information from me I can't give them anything as I don't even have the persons IP adress..

    This should be standard with the script as the autoreg plugin just block the known IP adresses
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