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Thread: World Locations Database

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    We have added Brasil database to our server

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    Is the xls / csv import option available and if so are there any example files i can use as a template please.
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    I have the database for germany.

    Country - Language - ID - ISO2 - Region1 - Region2 - Region3 - Region4 - ZIP - City - Area1 - Area2 - Lat - Lng - TZ - UTC - DST

    For examble

    ("DE", "DE", 20615, "DE-SH", "Schleswig-Holstein", "", "Ostholstein", "Kellenhusen (Ostsee)", "23743", "Kellenhusen (Ostsee)", "", "", 54.19246, 11.05643, "Europe/Berlin", "UTC+1", "Y"),
    ("DE", "DE", 20616, "DE-SH", "Schleswig-Holstein", "", "Ostholstein", "Kellenhusen (Ostsee)", "23746", "Kellenhusen (Ostsee)", "", "", 54.19246, 11.05643, "Europe/Berlin", "UTC+1", "Y"),
    ("DE", "DE", 20617, "DE-SH", "Schleswig-Holstein", "", "Ostholstein", "Kellenhusen (Ostsee)", "23743", "Morest", "", "", 54.20708, 10.98854, "Europe/Berlin", "UTC+1", "Y"),

    Best regards
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    There is no import from csv files at the moment and also any other import from file facility in the plugin, we are thinking to update Data Entries import plugin to work with the multiField plugin so it will be possible for you to import csv files.

    But better if you just provide me with database you want to import and most likely i will import it to our server, you then will be able to import this data using remote import feature of the plugin. Or we can do it for you

    Quote Originally Posted by Steffen Buschkemper View Post
    I have the database for germany.
    I have the database for germany.
    can you sent it p, or ticket, if you allow us to import database to server

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    Good evening,

    my project with flynax should cover the south of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and with flynax support I have now for the plugin IP Geo Location a ~680000 items database table (~30M. The data shows like:
    Only registered members can view the code.
    I am interested in this Germany database, (possibly also for Austria & Switzerland?) but first I would like to understand for which plugin do you speak here.

    Thank you!

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    I have tried to fix the Brasil Locations database many times. I paid the Flynax developers to do it and it still seems wrong. Actually I was told that the OS doesnt read portuguese signs and everytime the database is imported it comes wrong. Once I already paid to fix this issue I would like to suggest to Flynax to find a solution for this issue once you want to sell scripts here in Brazil and over another latin countries as well.

    Please I need this working properly ASAP.

    Thank you

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    Hello to all,

    Does anyone have the complete Germany database? If yes could I have it please?

    Thank you very much!

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    Anyone please?

    Thank you!

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    Hello Milea Ionut,

    If you want you can buy it and we will integrate in for you. http://www.geopostcodes.com/Germany
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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