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Thread: No access to admin, after transfer from webhosting A to Webhosting B

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    No access to admin, after transfer from webhosting A to Webhosting B


    I have a strange issue. I have my website first on Webhosting A, but, there was no room anymore, so I transfer all data and MySQL dump to an other server, but still on Webhosting A, there where no problems, in no time again online.

    But, webhosting A is slow, and expensive, so I want to transfer again, but now from Webhosting A (slow) to Webhosting B (fast)

    Like the other time, copy all files to hdd, and make a MySQL dumpfile. No problem so far.

    On webhosting B, there is already an other Flynax website, what is running ok (fresh install), so I think,that should be ok, when I transfer my other website at that webhosting.

    I copied all files, import the MySQL dump, and make changes to config.inc.php in the folder /includes, so there is no database error.

    But, now, I can't login in on the (standard) admin page, the button say, loading, but nothing happend.

    Also, I have no "my-profile.html" page, and, I see that if I take php version 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4, there are changes in the website, so not all files show up with different php-versions.
    So I thought, I take PHP version 7.4, be course the other website runs also on 7.4, but no, It is not running on 7.4, but on 7.2.

    For your information, on Webhosting B, I have already running the real estate script php7.4, flynax version 4.8.1
    I want to transfer a car classified script, version 4.8.1 to webhosting B, but give errors and no login on backoffice ( I can login at the front)

    Where are the problem? Maybe it is a small thing, what I don't see, but the reason that I had transfer the same site on a same server, was no problem.

    There are still 2 more websites with flynax script, what should be transfered to the new webshoting B, so I want to know what the problem is,before I transfer the other 2 sites. ( They are live, so the transfer must be smooth)

    I like to see the solution, so if anyone can help me out to this strange issue?


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    This is a problem that need investigating and can't just be answered here. I honestly suggest you to create a ticket. Also it's almost weekend so you might have to wait till next monday for reply.

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    ok thank you Wei, I will submit a ticket, and no worries, its a "new website" without users, so thats no problem to wait.
    Thats the reason I try first with this website, instead of a full running website with lot of users.
    For now, have a nice weekend.


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    If the website is working on Hosting Account A and does not work on Hosting account B, it is not likely the Flynax script; but instead, a configuration issue on Hosting Account B.

    I would recommend reaching out to your hosting account's support for assistance.

    I would also recommend consulting with Flynax to do the website migration process for you.

    Also, most good hosting companies will charge like $25.00 to migrate your website; however, some do it for free.

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    Hi Joe, problem solved, it was a issue that show up more. It was the SSL issue. I had this on the first website, now on the second website, but Rudi solved this, and say it is already on this forum. ( https://forum.flynax.com/showthread....highlight=port )
    I did a transfer for my 3th website, and also this issue, but I know now how to solve. Just one big website to go.

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    Just wondering, was this issue because one web hosting account had SSL and the second did not. Or was this an issue with the code?

    Glad to hear you resolved the issue.
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