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Thread: Restrict the Google Maps API Key

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    Post Restrict the Google Maps API Key

    Google strongly recommends that we restrict our API keys against "malicious usage".

    This is very important as we all must add our personal credit or debit card to our Google Maps account.

    Is there a problem restricting our API key in the Credentials page of the Google Cloud Platform?

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    I figured out the answer to my questions.

    The answer is "yes" you can restrict your Google Maps API key.

    I followed the directions here:

    - Title: Switching to new pay-as-you-go Google Maps Platform
    - Link: https://forum.flynax.com/showthread....light=Restrict

    So far so good.

    I swept all my caches and everything is still working.

    Edit: In the end, restricting the API caused issues with the "Search by Distance" plugin so I unrestriced the API key

    - Support Ticket: ROW-942724
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    Can anyone confirm if they have successfully restricted their Google API key in 4.8.2?

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