Good to see a new update released thankyou. Time for me to return to my project, although I'm thinking of starting from scratch again due to some previous upgrade issues.

One question I have with regards to updates like this one is when a bug is raised in the forums and then a fix is supplied by flynax in the forum thread, do ALL these little fixes then get added to the next point release or do we have to all need to remember and record what suggested fixes we added to the code ourselves and check to see if the point release included the fix or if it wiped out our bug fix edits?

It is often hard to figure out from the changelog exactly what issues are being fixed when it is just a description of a few words. It would be ideal if each fix listed in the changelog is also linked back to the particular forum thread where the issue was raised (if one exists and is not just an issue that Flynax themselves have discovered/fixed).