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Thread: Popular Cities on Homepage

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    I think I figured it out.

    Thanks for the guidance.

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    I tried to set the counties instead of cities, but I went in vain, because if I edit the setting again, it will put the cities back in the same way.
    I miss that it is not possible to set such that only e.g. display the four counties with the most ads on the homepage.

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    I was able to add only countries to the homepage.

    I think if you have only countries in the "Data Item Manager" it will not add items from other location sub levels.

    The next step after this is to add a filter using the Filter Plugin.
    However, I think it is bugged.
    The filter's navigation on the front end returns no results.

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    Yes theres bugs when applying filter to fieldbound boxes.
    Mine also gives no results.

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    In addition to the bugs mentioned above, the plugin automatically adds locations from locations below the "Country" level.

    Therefore, I do not think it is possible to only have Country listed in the Popular Country Field-Bound Box.

    Anyone, have a solution to this?

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    I submitted a ticket on the bug when applying a filter to field-bound boxes as noted on this thread.

    Here is the ticket information for your reference:

    Ticket Title: Bug when Adding Filter to Field-Bound Boxes
    Ticket ID: OWE-596400

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    Flynax responded to my ticket.

    They said they are looking at the issue and it will be fixed upon the next release of the plugin.

    I will go ahead and turn off the Popular Countries box for the time being.

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    I received a reply from Flynax.

    This is what I understood:

    1. "you cannot use all location fields in the filter box on the field bound boxes"
    2. "You cannot use the Country field in the filter"
    3. "You cannot use the Category field here" either

    Basically, as I understand it, the only function of the Popular Countries / Cities box has is that it shows all the Country's listings without the ability to filter those listings according to Country, Location, or Category.

    I personally think that allowing the use of all the filter plugin features would make a popular entry point for international websites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiowa View Post
    Create a field bound box, bind to countries and select "responsive image". Then search the cities you want to display and add it. Then name the box Popular cities.
    Great! thank you

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