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Thread: How to change from 12 hour to 24 hour checkin checkout time

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    How to change from 12 hour to 24 hour checkin checkout time

    In The Netherlands we use 24-hours view, instead of 12-hour view. Thats mean, that I want to change that, but I was looking everywhere, in backoffice and in the booking and add files, but I couldt find this. In the translation I see only AM and PM.

    So how can I change IE from 02:30 PM to 14:30

    I using the realstate realty wide premium template with booking plugin.

    Hope that someone know how to change this.


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    I do not know where it is at, but I believe this issue has been discussed before.

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    Hi Joe, thanks for the reply, I saw now ( to late) the discussion, and I am totally agree with the TS. This should be already in the software be course it multi-language.
    ok, its coming in the next update, but the answer was in februari.
    Maybe also an idea, be course its multi language, that the Dutch language also a point of discussion, I am now already 6 hours to translate from English to Dutch.
    Some translations are very bad, ( fogligts ( mislampen translate to English) to translation for Country??) and if you use, like me, 4 versions of this Flynax software, than its a lot of work to translate a lot of things.
    I will not let do this as extra work, its not extra work, it should already in the source. Its nice software, the support is very good if you send a ticket, so we will wait....

    It is what it is.

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