Has anyone had a customization done to make the Individual Post Ad Page less redundant? Not the regular post ad page. It's seems that it is un-needed - an extra step.

Meaning, when you go to that link, it requires you to select the listing type when there really shouldn't be the need to choose that since you are going to post directly to that listing type (so you don't need to see the listing type, maybe just a breadcrumb navigation. Is there some way to by pass choosing the single listing type on the indiv. post ad page and just choose the category?

See in my situation, I have text choose ad type and category, which is great for the regular post ad page, and it makes sense, since all listing types appear on the regular post ad page, but on the individual post ad page, that text is not need since there is only one listing type to choose from. I think a bread crumb navigation would be better for that page, with a category selection, unless I have missed something in the ap?