I noticed that the Field Bound-boxes plugin was updated on 7 and 12 April 2021.

Does anyone have working examples of the plugin's new features in action?

The ChangeLog indicates the following:

2.0.1 - Apr 12, 2021

- Hiding empty element bug in boxes fixed
- The Only Icon mode improved

2.0.0 - Apr 07, 2021

- The Plugin was fully reworked
- New appearance modes - text, text + image, icons and responsive picture in boxes added
- The ability to set metadata for every element in the box added
- The ability to build a general metadata pattern using variables added
- Interaction with the fields, generated with the Multifield plugin added
- The ability to use SVG icons from the gallery added
- The ability to disable the box landing page added
- Pages created with the Plugin automatically added to the sitemap