Is the following correct if a user places a Featured Listing?

- The user's featured listing will appear in the category featured listings
- The user's featured listing will appear in the homepage featured listings
Joe, a featured listing will appear at the top of the category in date order followed by regular listings in date order, so yes that is correct for question one.

as for the second question, it is 100% your choice as to where else you show them on your site, it the home, page, sidebar in pages like my favourites etc or the listing type page as you choose where to place the listing boxes and also choose the listing box type.

I would look at more as a reason to upgrade to featured and get these extra bonuses type thinking over and above a regular listing.

Featured Listings are displayed at the top of all listings in the last updated order + all featured listings are displayed in our shared rotational banner spots (related to its chosen categories) and are located at the top left of each page giving you maximum exposure to your products and or services.
adjust wording to suit / above is part of the wording I'm using in my listing packages.