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Thread: multiField plugin update problem

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    multiField plugin update problem

    Recentlly, I updated my local server from 4.7 to 4.8.1, so i had to update my multiField plugin from 1.5.2 to 2.5.1
    PHP version is 7.3.24

    After update, i had two major problems.

    1. I got 500 internal server error at first click

    I found that, some of files in composer folder have not been copied. It seems platform_check.php is a mandatory file.

    So this file sholud be include in install.xml, update files section.

    2. I noticed that, as you know ,if you add/edit a listing, after select a state, it should automatically change the city dropdown field. But it doen't!

    I noticed that, there is no record with name=ajaxRequest and class=MultiField in hooks table.

    When i checked install.xml file, there were two

    <hook name="ajaxRequest" version="2.0.0"><=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[]=]=></hook>
    <hook name="ajaxRequest" version="2.0.0" class="GeoFilter"><=!=[=C=D=A=T=A=[]=]=></hook

    I am not sure if duplicate hook name is allowed at the same plugin or not.

    If it is not allowed, so one of hooks name should be changed and plugin should be updated

    and if it is allowed, then hooks install section in AP/includes/classes/admin/rlPlugin.class.php should be updated.
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