I am not 100% sure if this is a problem or not, I have some images loaded up in a listing and I have taken those image URLs and used that URL to paste those images into my posts.

then once when I updated my image clarity % I noted all of my images dropped out and all I had was the box with the image icon, so needed to go in and reconnect all of my image URLs and at the time I did not think too much about it other than editing the image clarity from 75% > 80% must have broken something.

Then last night more images were broken and again went in to fix them not understanding why they were broken, the original image URL was still in place but showing an error, so I went in and had to recopy the image URL and paste it back into the place where I wanted the image to get it to work again.

It was only when I pasted the second of the broken images back in that I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the link was not broken but instead for some reason that saved image to the listing had now changed the file path / URL and was completely different.

So if this is right then the link has not broken a sense but what is happening somehow is flynax is changing the saved URL of that image for some reason? I have no idea what triggers it to change as I have not made any adjustments to anything in the admin.

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I also may be wrong but reasonable sure now this is happening, I will next time if this happens will record the original URL and what it has changed to verify this is happening? and then if so how do we stop flanax from creating a new URL for saved images to avoid image errors on the site is the next question.