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Thread: Where can I enable HTTPS???

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    Where can I enable HTTPS???


    Where can I enable HTTPS in admin
    if the ssl is not enabled in the server can I just disable it without problem

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    Check your hosting control panel or ask hosting support.

    I use Siteground and they have a setting called: force https

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    Flynax developer Rudi's Avatar
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    Make sure that the https is set in includes > config.inc.php > RL_URL_HOME

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    in flynax admin panel ??

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    The setting is in the file path indicated by Rudi above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammed Elbadawi View Post
    in flynax admin panel ??
    Rudi meant in ftp file, includes folder > config.inc.php file at RL_URL_HOME. You input https://www.yourdomain.com

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