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Thread: How to get placeholder for numeric fields?

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    How to get placeholder for numeric fields?


    How can I get a placeholder value for the numeric field? I am making the change in the field.tpl to try and show the name value as the placeholder text for numeric fields. I have tried: {$field.Key} and that shows the key as the placeholder, but how about the name? I have tried $field.Name} but that doesn't show any placeholder text. How can I do this? This is for the vehicles listing type, and inside (or under) the Vehicle Specifics field group where I am trying to get this to work.

    End Result: The name entered in the name field (admin panel -> listing fields) should be displayed as the placeholder value in the numeric text fields.
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    Use {$lang[$field.pName]}

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    Hi Rudi,

    That exactly what I was looking for!

    Thank you!

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    Use {$lang[$field.pName]}
    Thank you - Your Welcome

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