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Thread: Hide posted date from displaying

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    Hide posted date from displaying

    I'm trying to hide a couple of listing fields from displaying. I want them entered into the database so I need them on the forms...just don't want them to display on a certain page.

    I want to hide the reference number (which I achieved) and hide the posted date which I am having an issue with hiding.

    Can anyone help please?

    Only registered members can view the code.

    Also, I want it to be removed for a specific category...so I do not want to disable it from the admin section. Posted Date is not a field in the form section. It has to be coded within listing_detail_seller.tpl file (which is where I am transferring listing fields to the seller box. I'm working on an important modification which I will share later once it is completed.
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    I think you could hide them via css: display: none?

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    The posted date is just a check box in admin

    Admin > Basic Settings > Listings > Listing Count settings > Posting date in listings > Enable | Disable
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