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Thread: Cron Job issue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudi View Post
    It's ok because the system creates an empty listing when you select some category in one-step-adding-listing mode being not logged in
    My current cron email:

    Cron Job notification at Feb 23, 2021

    Ads expired: 0
    Expiration notifications sent: 0
    Featured ads expired: 0
    Featured expiration notifications sent: 0
    Incomplete ads removed: 1
    Total incomplete ads: 3
    Incomplete ads notified: 2
    Expired listings waiting removal: 0
    Expired listings removed: 0
    Total incomplete accounts: 0
    So does this mean that if I am always logged in, I should avoid getting these empty listings in the cron email?

    Thank you - Your Welcome

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    It's not necessary, if you don't pass through the 'form' step your listing also will be empty and marked as 'incomplete' but with your account id

    Removing incomplete listings depends on the cron setting in Basic Settings

    You can check all incomplete listings executing this query:

    Only registered members can view the code.
    Note that the system creates empty listings according to the session lifetime, and if it's ended a new empty listing is added

    You can always proceed with completing your empty listings or remove them via My listings page
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    I think there is also a setting that allow you to select the number of days in which to delete.

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