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Thread: Move bookmark and share floating bar?

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    Move bookmark and share floating bar?

    Is there a way to relocate the bookmarks and share floating bar from the default left side of the desktop screen?

    I would like to make it horizontal along the bottom of the screen similar to the mobile view.

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    There are no settings to move the floating bar to the bottom of the screen.
    It appears that it will require a change to the code.
    Maybe a paid support or customization option?

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    Bookmarks and share plugin show a blank page if i try to add new Bookmark or if i try to edit floating bar i get blank page in Firefox or error 500 in Chrome.


    Is a problem in to my software or is a conflict with the new updates of plugins?
    Have anyone the same problem ?
    How i can fix this ?

    Thank you!

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    I am not sure what Flynax version you are running?

    I tested the bookmarks & share plugin on 4.8.2 and it works as expected.

    Did the problems happen after you modified the code?

    A video or screenshots are always helpful.

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    Simply on a new installation, I did not change the code.
    I also tested with disabling plugins, assuming it conflicts.
    It was very strange. I reinstalled everything from the beginning and now it works, I really don't know why it did this.
    In addition to each new installation, it is not possible to install plugins from the administration page, only if you download them and then upload them to manual hosting.
    Why is this a problem with plugins? Most of the time it says it can't connect to the flynax server.

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    You need to create a ticket about this problem

    maybe something was missed during the installation

    also, make sure that fopen and curl extensions are enabled on your server

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    It was definitely something from the beginning of the installation.
    fopen and curl are present and active on my server.
    I'm sorry I didn't make a video with the way the error manifests.
    I solved it by reinstalling the entire software. The only problem that remains is that when I want to install new plugins I am not allowed, or very rarely a plugin can be installed as if it gives me the impression that the place from which the download is made is a server that is started only once a day and only for a short time, maximum one hour.

    Thank you for your reply and all help.

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    Please, create a ticket about this issue

    maybe the problem is in folder permissions (upload, tmp)

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