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Thread: Listing Comments/Reviews Plugin Management

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    Listing Comments/Reviews Plugin Management

    I originally thought the management of the comments by website users was managed by an account agent.

    However, now I believe that the management of the comments is done by the website administrator in the admin panel.

    Can someone please confirm his fact.

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    Great plugin for small local classifieds; however, potentially a nightmare for larger sites in several ways:

    1. Web Admin: First, unless you allow the plugin to auto-post comments without admin approval, the website admin must review, approve or delete every comment submitted to each and every listing.

    2. Users who Post Classifieds: Second, users who post classifieds may consistently contact the web admin to request the removal of unfair, inaccurate, not liked, bias, etc. comments that were approved by the web admin.

    3. Users who Post Comments: Third, angry users who posted deleted comments may also contact the web admin to find out why their 'fair' comment was removed which shifts the blame to the admin not the person who posted the classified.

    I believe this plugin should be made into a $45 plugin and updated to allow the management of the comments to be done within a user's account without the need for the website admin to be involved. However, the admin would still have access to the comments posted as it currently allows.

    Also, replies should be nested on the original comment or question. Currently, replies are not nested and on the original level as the original comment or question. Therefore, someone who is reading the comments or questions has to take time to figure out which replies go to what comment or question.

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