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Thread: How to hide a social network login Content Boxes

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    How to hide a social network login Content Boxes

    Hello, I need to know How I hide a social network login Content Box after login a user . I setup a simple social network login html box and show up on sidebar on different pages to attract user to signup in easy step and I want to hide this box after user login. Help me to do this on my site thanks in advance
    I use this code in html
    <div class="ha-social-icon"><a class="ha-facebook-provider " href="https://www.mysite/plugins/hybridAuthLogin/facebook"><svg class="ha-social-icon-svg" viewbox="0 0 24 24"> <use xlink:href="#ga-facebook"></use> </svg> </a></div>
    This exmp for facebook I add same like this for other providers.
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    There is no quick solution for this

    so it will require some customization

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