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Thread: Adding a 4th Tier to a Listing's Location

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    Post Adding a 4th Tier to a Listing's Location

    If I understand correctly, by default, the Flynax software has a 3 tier location format when using the "Multifield/Location Filter" (see image 1):

    1. Country: United States
    2. State/Region/Province: California
    3. City: San Fransisco

    However, we ARE able to "Add a New Item" to make a 4th tier under San Fransisco (see image 2):

    San Fransisco:

    1. Suburb 1
    2. Suburb 2
    3. Suburb 3

    Additionally, it appears that we can continue to "Add a New Item" under Suburb 1, 2, and 3 (see image 3).

    I think there needs to be a 4th tier displayed in the front end. Otherwise, users can only advertise a house for sale at the "City" level. Obviously, this does not work when advertising property in the major cities of the world.

    I suppose if your website was only in one country, you could leave off "Country" and start with "State/Region/province" thus allowing you to subdivide a city.

    Any help understanding the workings of the "Multifield/Location Filter" is appreciated.
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    Actually, if you have the latest plugin version 2.5 (compatible with 4.8.1)

    and add additional sub-level, it automatically creates one more listing field

    you need to add it to your listing form and it will work

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    Flynax has thought of everything.

    Yes, I confirm, a new field is added when you enter a 4th sub-level.

    Also, I confirm, the Filter plugin also lists the 4th sub-level.
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