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Thread: How to build form for search results page?

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    How to build form for search results page?

    I want to build a form for the search results page. Which form do I use, is that in the search tab, listing types or categories in the admin panel? I don't see where to build that. It's when I go to the search page on the website, find a listing and the search-results.html page comes up, the listing is there, but there is no sidebar content, I need to build a form, but I don't know where that area is in the admin panel, can someone help me remember that?

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    You need to check the settings in your listings type: Listing Type > Edit > Search Settings > Search form > Search form on the Search page

    and make sure that the quick form is built in Search Forms for this listing type

    also, check in Content > Content Boxes that the box with a prefix ltsb_ is enabled

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