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Thread: Giggle URL Errors ? Maybe

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    Giggle URL Errors ? Maybe


    Please see the video above.

    In short, some of the URLs in giggle do not go to the link as displayed by giggle / flynax

    They end up at the same location as the 404 error above example my site . com / America.

    I am not sure if this is an error or not as I did change the listing type name from business to business and wealth?

    Regardless I thought the ID number on the end of a listing was unique and in that the flynax script still found that listing and published it if there changes to categories etc.?

    EDIT I can confirm that the URL has changed from when giggle indexed the listings at error but still remember reading that the number at the end still found the listing if the location was changed? maybe I am wrong?
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    The problem is that these listings don't exist by these links

    as you've changed the listing type or category for these listings

    now it will require some time while google update the urls

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