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Thread: 404 page problem

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    404 page problem

    Dear Flynax,

    Is there anyway if we can make a custom 404 page, may be an external page with button back to homepage or something?
    When a listing is expired or deleted, the url to that listing is 404, and it shows all kind of stuff even stuff unrelated, please visit this url


    You will see many content boxes:
    - book now <-- this is not even for car category, I think it's apartment booking
    - average price
    - price history
    - nearby school

    Which looks very unprofessional. Can we fix this?

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    I aslo have problems with the 404 page not working properly but looks a similar problem, that page should be landing on site.com/404, and its not, the same error as my site.

    When it lands on /404 you will then be able to set it up to look work as you want, or should be able to.
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