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Thread: Operation of the Recurring Subscription Setting

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    Post Operation of the Recurring Subscription Setting

    Can someone please help me understand how the recurring subscription setting operates in the "PayPal Checkout Gateway" plugin (see image 1).

    For example, the package on the attached image allows:

    - The user to post up to 60 listings.
    - Each listing remains live for 30-days
    - The package expires in 365-days.

    However, I do not understand how the "recurring" subscription setting actually works, if I would select the option.

    I assume that by selecting this option, the above package will be rebilled on PayPal every 365-days?

    If so, it probably works best if the package were to expire every 30 days; but, the time period depends on your personal preference.
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    Not sure if it would auto-renew every 365 days, more I think it would renew if you used those 60 listings options as well, (if they had 60 listing that all renewed every month then it would be a monthly renewal per se?) might be wrong but more an either and or type outcome.

    Never bothered playing with it.
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    I will soon begin testing the plugin and I want to understand its basics.

    I would appreciate it if anyone else has any more details to share with me.

    I will be sure to post my review after fully testing the plugin.

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