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Thread: How can I unset a filed option?

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    How can I unset a filed option?


    I was wondering how I could unset (remove dot in a radio button) so it's not the default option for all the field options? I am trying to figure this out in the listing fields area of ap but I don't see something that would do that. Also, I want to make the placeholder value (my text in the placeholder field) the default option for the drop down menu. The placeholder in the fields area in ap was a customization, but I cannot use the placeholders text as the placeholder in the drop downs. That's what I wanted it to be for originally. It does show the placeholder text, but when I cleared my browser cache files, and reloaded (ctrl+F5) the drop down menu shows the default option selected in the ap -> listing fields -> default option that is set and that is not what I wanted. I want the placeholder text (if entered) to be shown otherwise then there will not be a default text in the drop down menu.

    Edit: I didn't figure this one out yet, but I have removed all 'additional' fields from my listing type forms, so I just have a 'default set' of fields until I plan on adding more fields down the road.
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    Do you mean to cancel selelcted radion button?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudi View Post

    Do you mean to cancel selelcted radion button?
    I want to know about this too. Had that in mind long time ago but haven't asked.

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