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Thread: fckeditor toolbar

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    Hi Steffen,

    I thought that the new css code for fields would work, because the selected definition.

    So if it does not work, then another trick has to be found:

    I changed the numbered list icon (/libs/ckeditor/skins/kama/icons.png) to the bulleted list and select "disc" for list style at style.css.
    I think that would be the easiest way.
    Users can now entered numbered list by doing it manually and if they want bulleted lists, they got the perfect illusion.
    Now at the frontpage the numbered list looks like bulleted list with disc.

    At last I just need to change the list-style in editing mode/view, but I did not found where to change it.
    Do someone know where I can change the list-style from decimal to disc?

    Best regards
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