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Thread: Css Issue

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    Css Issue

    Hey Guys,

    Edit: I forgot to mention that another thing I done, which I am in the process of doing is cleaning out my css. I took all the @media queries from the style.css file and put them into separate files so that they are easier to manage for me. Smaller amounts of css code, easier for me to work with. Now I hope this will be a better start with css for me.

    Edit #2: If there is anyone who can fix up my alignment issues in the css (mainly in the media queries styles), please let me know, and I will see what I can work in terms of a payment to you of some kind, I have a customization in the planning stages for flynax to do, which is why I want to see what can be done without much of a budget buster. Anyone want to take a look? Again, I have moved all the @media queries from the styles.css file and put them into another folder inside my css folder on the server, so it should be less of a pain to find all the issues.

    I have named all my css files with a pattern like such: vp-3.css for styles that will adjust the viewpoint of 3xx pixels. You will see it on the server.

    Can someone help me figure out how to resolve this issue regarding menu placement? I am having with placing a menu (displaying listing types on the homepage) in the correct location. Reason I say the correct location is because, where it currently is positioned, I have to use a large top margin (100px) to move it into a viewable location, and not only that, but also, the links are somewhat not clickable, you have to move the mouse cursor in just the perfect spot to activate the link. I know there is an easier way to accomplish this. Perhaps I have put the code in the wrong template?

    I have a jQuery menu (not the one with the listing types) setup on the homepage above the Listing Types menu. My point is where should I put these menus so that they don't clash with each other, I believe that is what is going on, but maybe I am wrong?

    in the /tpl/blocks/home_content.tpl - This is where the code is for the listing type menu

    Listing Type Menu:

    Only registered members can view the code.
    As for the jQuery menu, I am using that code in header.tpl in the /tpl folder:

    Jquery Menu Code:

    Only registered members can view the code.
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    Thank you - Your Welcome

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