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Thread: Error In Css...

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    Error In Css...

    I have a css dilemma, I changed some css, and my map on the homepage doesn't seem correct. I add a position absolute & bottom: 0 to the footer so it stays low, but I think that is not the problem, the menu at the top of the page is overlapping the footer if I put it back without those changes to the footer, can someone help me adjust the page so the menu at the top of the page doesn't overlap the footer? I am reworking the css on mobile, it's just so frustrating at this point. I need some help with the mobile desperately.

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    I am unable to use the phone, but I can narrow the screen width.

    I removed in "page-footer": "position: absolute; and bottom: 0;"


    And this is what I see. Do you want to remove (I have marked with a white cross) this space or attach a "footer" at the bottom?

    If you want to apply something for a mobile phone, then you can make changes not to the general styles, but here:

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