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Thread: LISTING BUG - Listing browse form of 1st listing effects all listings below

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    LISTING BUG - Listing browse form of 1st listing effects all listings below

    I just found this bug on my site version 4.7.2, tested on Flynax demo version 4.8.1, same problem.

    Bug description: ONLY shows on listing type page, for example:

    The first listing of the list effects all listing below on that page.
    If the first listing does not have a listing fields in that category browse form, then all of that listing fields don't show on all the listings below it, even if they have those listings fields.

    For example: If the first listing is Room for rent, this listing's browse form does not have listing fields (bedroom, bathroom) then all of the listing below won't show bedroom, bathroom, even those they are apartment for rent with bedroom and bathroom.

    However, this bug DOES NOT effects search on map page, search results page, meaning no matter what the first listing is, all listing show all listing fields correctly as set in browse form.

    All screenshot are taken from flynax demo
    Screenshot1. The first listing of this list is apartment listing that have all the listing field (price, bedroom, bathroom) so the rest of listing below show them OK

    Screenshot2. I created new listing as Room for rent (does not have bathroom, bedroom fields), as this is on top, all of the listing below are missing bedroom, bathroom fields. Please look at screenshot1 again to see difference.

    Once I disable/delete that room for rent listing, the apartment listing on top again and all the listing below shows all fields since this apartment listing have all fields. just like in screenshot 1

    Another example situation:
    You have listing type FOR SALE: with categories: BOOK, CAR, BOAT, HOUSE.
    If the first listing was a BOOK listing that does not have CAR body form, CAR door, BOAT engine, HOUSE built year, HOUSE renting period.
    THEN, none of those fields will show on that listing type listing list.

    Flynax Dev please advise.
    Thank you
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