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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Young View Post
    O OK, I see I think it just says "select a category" as you see it. Did you add "a category" to languages because mine just says "select" anyway it looks a universal option / one word?
    Hi Pete,

    Yes it's a universal option, and I do believe I made the 'a category' change to the language file. Do you know a way around that, even a 'manual placeholder' meaning if I know the template to change, I would just add the html placeholder="" part and that would be all I wanted to do anyway.

    Update: If you check on the post ad page, choose community as listing type, then the first category Activities then look for the Location Information group...

    Notice on the Location Information group, it says: Select Country, Select State, Select City? That's what I want for the search page also, EXACTLY LIKE THAT.
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    I would re name it back to select for now to save confusion. until you work out your fix.
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