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Thread: Back to 4.8 version

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    Back to 4.8 version

    Hello Flynax,

    I've installed the 4.8.1 version newly, but I think some features become worse, for example:
    The count of pages were increased, there are the new pages My Motors, My Property, My Jobs, My Listings, My Services ... that is "My listing type" page for all listing types separately have been added which I want to remove from the system completely,
    so which files I should replace with 4.8 version's in order to remove these pages completely?

    The version 4.8 had only one common page "My Listings" for all listing types.

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    Make sure that "User listings on one page" is enabled in Common > Basic Settings > Accounts

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    Yes Rudi, I enabled it just now, and all the mentioned pages were disappeared from pages list, but unfortunately url adress of pages remains active, for example en/my-motors.html.
    How can I remove all these urls?

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