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Thread: Featured listing flaw?

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    Featured listing flaw?

    Featured listing is one attractive service no doubt. But there is a flaw?

    say your listing is expired in 1 days and you feel needs to make it feature with the 5 days featured. You paid for it. And it's went up featured

    After 1 days the listing is expired and gone, but wait you still have 4 more days featured paid. It all go to wasted.

    My suggestion: Please add the option to add extra live durations from paid featured plan to current active duration.
    With the above example with 1 last day active, then paid for a 5 days featured then the listing should be extend to be active for 5 more days.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that upon renewing listing using a none-featured plan, you will end up losing featured status of your listing. If you have it.
    So continue with the example above, customer realize that even paid with a 5 days featured plan, the listing still expired after 1 day. Disappointed but want to save the featured paid money by renewing the plan with none-feature plan. Featured status is ERASED upon doing this, leaving customers confused.
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