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Thread: Featured listing flaw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Can View Post
    Agree with above. I want to offer 3, 6, 9, & 12 month plans.
    with the system I showed you that is possible, so say you set up 90-day listings, that is your 3 months, and let's say somebody wanted 6 months they would simply select 2X 90 day options (one after each other) at the same time and this would give them a 6-month listing, want 12 months it would select * 4 etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Young View Post
    Yes Rudi I have done a quick video for you and I will PM it to your message box for you, thank you for any help.
    Hello Pete,

    I couldn't reply to you by PM because you need to remove inbox/sent messages to free some space

    thank you for the explanation,

    could you create a ticket attaching that video?

    because these tricky errors are related to each other and should be investigated individually by our department


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