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Thread: Category re-create = headache

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    Category re-create = headache

    Hi guys,

    I deleted the current category (states) and create my own categories (provinces). I created 40 provinces and I need to build the listing title form, feature form etc one by one.
    is there any faster way to do this?


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    I also received this information when trying to create a listing

    Sorry, but your account type does not allow you to add listings in Properti categories.

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    Chun - just create a form for one category, and then set it as "General category" in the Listing type configuration. After that, all categories in that listing type will use the forms from the configured General category if you don't create any.
    Regarding your other question, you need to configure the account permissions.

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    You need to set permissions for account type to which listing types you can create listings in.

    Go to admin
    Account types
    Choose to edit
    There should be some selection boxes to click for when you can post listings

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    hi guys,

    thank you. it solved.

    now I have this problem

    ◦Please assign either standard or featured status to your listing.

    what is wrong?

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    See my reply in other thread. You seem to be going through exactly the same problems as I did.

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    You have the Flynax Real Estate Script.

    1. I think your map has also Problems if you have delete us_states.
    For other map its better you make a ticket @ flynax support.

    2. Error Message: Please assign either standard or featured status to your listing.
    Do you have delete or change other?

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