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Thread: New features and bug fixes for Flynax Updates

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    New features and bug fixes for Flynax Updates

    Current Version: 4.8.1
    Hi guys, it's the time again to send in your voices to make Flynax script better. Please comment below your opinions.
    I'm first

    1. Rotate images after uploaded to listings. Many pictures are taken by phone and many of them are up side down and side way.
    2. Click to choose images as thumbnail images.
    3. Separator while typing on number fields on pc, tablet, and mobile. For example if you type on the number fields: 1000000, it should show 1,000,000 as you type.
    4. More friendly method for selecting location
    Discussed here:

    1. Comparison table field arrangement: Currently if the first listing has any field empty, that field would be place at the bottom.
    - Discussed here:
    2. Filter: option to apply all fields with one click. Right now you have to click each fields one by one.
    3. Filter: ability to make checkbox options appear in order. For example you have room for rent and the options order from most important to less: Electricity, Water, Wifi, Wash, Dry. They should stay in order rather than from most picked.
    4. Filter location URL shorter. Currently we have: Please add option so admin can assign the location url for each level so it looks more clean:

    1. Phone number with extension does not work properly. When you view a listing detail page and tap on it, it gives weird combination of number. Phone with no extension works OK.
    - Discussed here:
    2. Bookmarks and share plugin on PWA. Upon clicking on a social platform for example facebook, twitter, hit back and click on other social platform, it won't do anything. On mobile browser it does not have this problem, only in PWA mode.
    3. Have not test on 4.8.1 yet. But if you have 2 listing plans with different duration (for example one plan has 5 days active, another has 7 days active). Renewing from one plan to another will subtract your duration instead of adding. If you paid for featured plan and want to add duration with normal plan, your featured status is removed.
    - Discussed here:

    1. Category name won't show on listing title.
    Fixed by Curtis:
    2. Files and images are removed by systems without admin control.
    Fixed by Curtis:

    Not all opinions are agreed with I understand that. But I would like to hear feedback, too.
    Please comment your ideas below and I will update this first post.
    Thank Flynax for making this awesome scripts and everyone here to make it even better.
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