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Thread: Under construction for all except admin

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    Under construction for all except admin

    if admin logged in, admin should be able to see the full running page but users and others will see the under construction page.

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    I have a problem with this plugin. After activation on frontend the page is refreshing continuously. What can i do?


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    SO wtf if I activate Under Construction Plugin I lose access too??

    What good is this Under Construction plug in if by activating it the administrator can't access anything but the "under construction" page? Seems pointless wouldn't ya say? Or perhaps I am missing something? I am logged in as the Admin and cannot work on site with this plugin activated. Please advise Thanx much!

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    there is an option to add your ip which grants you access to view the site
    New Site: CameraSpecs https://bit.ly/3G4uYA6

    Old Site: MotorAdsUk

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