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Thread: how to install to localhost

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    how to install to localhost

    how can I install it to localhost?

    I received invalid license...

    please help

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    I want to know the same!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santiago B View Post
    I want to know the same!
    To be honest i fancy trying the same, so i can have a play without effecting anything. So if anyone knows the best way of doing this please let us know

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    The flynax-thing looks only to the domain-name.

    If your "Live"-Site runs for example on "www.myclassies.foo" then do following:
    1. Enter a new entry in your local host-file. The entry can be "myclassies.foo" or "local.myclassies.foo". The entry should point to your local IP-Adress, e.g. " => local.myclassies.foo".
    2. If you use apache (e.g. XAMPP) create a virtual host for "local.myclassies.foo" or "myclassies.foo". It is important, that the local "host"-name is different to the live one.

    P.S.: If you use XAMPP on Win, then you should install the Ioncube-Loader, the Zend one doesn't work in FastCGI-mode.

    Hope this helps.


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    To have it working locally there is one important thing - your local server should be on ip and on 8080 or 80 port.

    Then it will work, in other case it will give license issues.

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    Mike, does this work with multiple hostnames mapped to (vhost)?

    I have a lot of projects on my XAMPP.

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    Yes it will work with multiple virtual local hostnames

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    Way to make it working locally when your local server ip is not :

    for example your license domain is domain.com and you want to work locally until it will be ready then move to real web hosting.
    your local network web server is for example

    1. you have to create virtual host with same name as your domain -- domain.com and

    2. point this domain to your server ip through editing hosts file domain.com

    if you don't know what is the hosts why is it and how to edit it feel free to ask here google )

    Actually didn't tested it but don't see any reason this will not work

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    When trying to install locally, I can not get past this MySQL server
    4.1.x, 5.1.x or above
    mysqlnd 5.0.10 - 20111026 - $Id: b0b3b15c693b7f6aeb3aa66b646fee339f175e39 $. MySQL server is running and all other requirements are green. Anyone with a suggestion?

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    Hi Morgan,

    open the follow file in
    install -> index.php
    Find follow code @line ~ 82

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    and change to this

    PHP Code:
    Only registered members can view the code
    Now all will be fine.

    Best regards
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