1) add a category but with a duplicate key. Will get error of key and url path is already in database. Change key and still get error of path yet path is not a duplicate. Start over by leaving page and returning and entering a correct key with that same path, and then it accepts it.

2) During Registration – Enter invalid captcha and password confirm field blank now. Accept is also, but that happens sometimes so all good. Maybe both by design but if one password word stays, I would think both would.

3) If Uploadify set to display on bottom there are some problems. One is there is an upload photos on the category page when it shouldn't be. Even if someone tried to use, they can't finish because no OK or Go option to finish upload. If set to top it does not display on categories page.

[attachment=1:16lc2f1l]uploadify on category page.png[/attachment:16lc2f1l]

4) Select Post an Ad, add something, and last page has the List Images still. If set to top, it does not display on confirmation page. See image below! I would prefer to use this on the bottom, but will just use top until this fixed.

[attachment=0:16lc2f1l]uploadify bottom.png[/attachment:16lc2f1l]

5) Using the pic above to explain, if you upload 1 pic and you have a package to upload 3, confirmation page does not do the math and says you can upload 3 pics now. It should say 2.

Also, If you click the add video button, it says “No video uploaded”. Yet I did upload one. Might not be approved yet, but it shouldn’t state that no was ever added. User may waste time adding again. It shows fine in detail page, just misleading on confirmation area.

And should have break to move those sentences apart.

6) Broken Listing - No popup explaining the icon when hovered over. Once you report a broken listing, to undo it, there is a popup. How does a user know what that icon does without selecting it? And, if you select it, I first thought it was a real comment icon because in the next box says "leave a comment". After making a nice comment, I found out it is a broken link icon and not a comment icon. Suggest saying something specific to "Please Specify Which Exact Link is Broken". Or something other than "comment".