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Thread: Showcase of your site

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    Lightbulb Showcase of your site

    Hi Guys,

    flynax has come up with a great script for classified.
    why don't you guys share your website with us all?

    i will share once I am done with mine. I just purchased it yesterday

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    Hi Chun and welcome to the "club"! I would recommend that we all had our url in our signature, this will also be good for traffic and back links, but it is easy to click and check out our Flynax wonders.
    As for the showcase, Flynax has got a portfolio where they show some pages that are inspiring.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome Chun, mines in the portfloio page http://www.flynax.com/portfolio.html

    Motoradsuk is mine although looks slightly different to the picture now

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    Ours is at theusedcarplace.com.

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    Mine is Tsikot Car Finder Philippines, just used to be the largest automotive forums. Now it's also an up and coming auto classifieds site. Used to be photopost classifieds but have migrated over to flynax script which is definitely far more superior, robust and faster!
    My Flynax Installation: Car Finder Philippines

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    Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    Hi Guys!!

    Mine is www.buscoenplaya.com , is a General Classifieds website for Cancun and Playa del Carmen, two paradise cities in Mexico!! Website is under construction.. still have to create forms for a few categories, SEO, Css Customizations and mainly still have to move it to a Faster Dedicated Server!!

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