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Thread: MYSQL ERROR Unknow columm

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    MYSQL ERROR Unknow columm

    Hello, after update to V 4.8.0 I have this error please help me to fix this

    Error: Unknown column 'Path_fr' in 'field list'
    Query: SELECT `ID`,`Key`,`Parent_ID`,`Path`,`Position`,`Path_fr` FROM `fl_categories` WHERE (`ID` = '1611') AND (`Type` = 'listings') LIMIT 1
    Function: getBreadCrumbs
    Class: rlCategories
    File: /home/t****/public_html/includes/controllers/ (line# 193)

    I think this error from my Languages French I disable French in admin panel but I realy need French Languages because my site have only 2 Languages English and French how I can fix this please if some can explain it Thanks.
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