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Thread: iphone and Android apps update

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    iphone and Android apps update


    Two days ago, you've published an article about iPhone and Android apps update. Till now I still don't received any notification.

    Is there any specific request to do in order to get this update on our apps?
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    There is no link to update apps, neither in appstore nor in playmarket.

    And on page https://blog.flynax.com/update-of-android-and-ios-apps/ 2020-06-09_222825.png
    it gives error when trying to add a comment because of the hidden reCaptcha, I tried to add this comment there to let developers know,

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    I've received a reply telling me that it cost 95$ for each app? Unbelievable for me!

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    Hi Skorpion,

    I've learned lots of UNBELIEVABLE things about Flynax.
    Imagine, we've got to the hotel "Flynax"
    Ordered and payed for 10 nights,
    we go to bedroom there is no bed,

    Guest(flynax customers): There is no bed here!
    Flynax: You have to make extra payment for bed,

    And at night, when we go to the toilet but the door of the toilet is locked,

    Guest: Please open the toilet!
    Flynax: For toilet you have to make additional payment.

    The after payment we get in and find that there is no water there,

    Guest: There is no water in the toilet!
    Flynax: You have to make extra payment for water.

    And so on ......

    So we all have made bad choice choosing flynax for our business. Flynax give us not a little chance to make a bread with their script.
    We are like fish in a net for them, and they are using all possible options to squeeze money from us.

    We will all starve to death after a long struggle for life.
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    What is the problem?
    Are you complaining cause you have to pay for something that is not free.
    It will never work for u with that attitude.
    Do you want everything for free? Dont work that way.

    We use flynax cause its the most stable script out there.
    You r using flynax to try and make money with your niche, a couple of hundred dollars for what you want aint gonna break the bank. You spend more money on hosting and marketing.

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    95 for for the APP just for the update ?

    I have never seen this before and this is also not professional you have already sale the app to your customers
    you can't do this by every update
    i have buy many App's but no one was asking for a extra payment just for a update
    thats a wrong!

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    I agree with this analogy....also....it's like driving in your car and all of a sudden the door falls off, without you having caused any damage...then taking the car to the dealership and getting a bill for it...My Cron had stopped working....

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