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Thread: Google PageSpeed Insights

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    My website performance score become lower than before because the GTmetrix is now powered by Lighthouse.
    I hope flynax find a solution for this serious issue.
    Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 2.02.06 AM.png

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    Where to install this in WHM ?
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    Just been trying the google pagespeed insights. Getting decent results for desktop once I updated my slider images and listing images to webp format. I could probably reduce the quality of the slider images just a little more to get better results.

    Desktop ranges between 90 and 97

    Mobile ranges between 34 and 41

    So I am happy with the desktop side of things but mobile seems to struggle abit.

    I seem to get a really high 'total blocking time'

    I am going to guess it's the slider images from the rainbow themes still way too big for mobile devices. Maybe I can reduce the quality/file size of these myself for abit extra speed. Maybe when uploading these it should create 2 versions original and scaled version for mobile.

    Having said all that its way faster than my Photography Wordpress site on both desktop (53) and mobile (22).

    Tried GTmatrix and get the following

    Grade: B
    Performance 86%
    Structure: 83%

    Increased speed abit by reducing slider image size quality and resizing some SVG images to a closer size...

    Last check best scores yet

    Mobile: 49
    Desktop: 97

    Although I find desktop is pretty consistent but mobile can give quite inconsistent results

    So I have run a few competitor sites on pagespeed and their scores are worse than mine especially on mobile, so suppose I can't complain can I haha
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    I get these errors
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

    Something to do with "RewriteEngine on"
    How can I fix this?
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