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Thread: PWA Plugin not working

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    PWA Plugin not working


    i have installed the PWA plugin but for some reason it doesnt works.
    i checked the website source code but i dont see any of pwa files.
    My server meet all requirements (https, http redirect to https, php version 7.3).
    Anyone knows what can be the issue ?

    thanks in advance,

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    ticket created
    Ticket ID: TXW-956676

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    i cant install the PWA plugin because of a missing gmp php extension on my webserver.

    i asked my hosting provider if it's possible to install it and the answer was NO because it's a have a shared hosting and not a dedicated server.

    is there an alternative to the gmp php module so i can install the plugin ?

    thanks in advance,

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    Will be better to install the extension. Can you change plan or hosting?
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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    i just renewed my hosting plan some days ago

    So it's not possible at the moment to change it.

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    I'm testing another shared hosting to check if it support PWA plugin or not as the GMP extension is required to make it work.

    Can anyone tell me what is the exact name for the GMP PHP extension to enable from the CPanel ?

    i cant find any gmp extension under the PHP version 7.3 ( see attached screenshot ).

    thanks in advance,

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