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Thread: What happened to the fast support?

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    What happened to the fast support?

    I made a ticket (WYG-998581) with an easy thing I need help with.

    I have been away for some years but I'm back to make a new website.
    Forgot my password and tried to recover it.

    Im not getting the mail from Flynax site so I can recover my password.

    It's almost been 24 hours and only got one reply from Nathalie wich I answered within 20 min almost 12 hours ago.

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    Hello Peter Jonsson,

    We've got an email delivery issue that we're looking into right now; we'll try to fix it shortly. In addition, it was Monday yesterday and we had a backlog. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience.
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    Flynax Company

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    You argue for 24h ? LOL...i wait 8 days now for a reply...

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    And this post is 2 years old

    And I don’t know why you get mad at me…
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