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Thread: Price Field - German Standart problem

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    Price Field - German Standart problem


    i have a problem with German Price Fields.
    Our prices are declared as follows: 25,99 € and not 25.99 €!
    I have checked the rlValid.class.php and rlSmarty.class.php.

    In this function str2money i have change follow:

    PHP Code:
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    Now i can see the Price in german Standart 25,99 €.
    But the User can not input comma as decimal point in the Price Field.
    It can only input price with dot as decimal point in the price field.
    What needs to be changed so that the price is in input and also displayed with a comma as decimal point?

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    Solution out now!

    Every who wants to change the listing prices to european standard (12,34 instead 12.34), please check out this thread here -> Link.
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