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Thread: Help - Quick Search not functioning

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    Help - Quick Search not functioning

    In the real estate version of Flynax, there are three pages where you can search for things: Properties, Search, and Services.

    All of these search forms (both quick search and advanced search) work for me, except for the Quick Search tabs on the "Properties" page.

    I recently added and subtracted extra "quick search forms" tabs on the Properties page, and I also added new "field items" under Listings > Listing Fields > Condition. Around that time, the "quick search" forms stopped working...

    When I press the "search" button on the Quick Search tab on the "Properties" page, I now get the following message:

    "No listings found. click to add a new one"

    Any ideas on what happened and how I can fix it?

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    Would you please submit a ticket to our support and we will check ASAP.

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