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Thread: Someone hacked my account

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    Someone hacked my account

    Hello my friends

    Someone hacked my mail
    And entered into my account on flynax
    And change the e-mail in my account on flynax

    I discovered it and I've restored e-mail
    But my account on flynax I can not restore the password!
    When I enter the e-mail I see error message?

    How i restored myaccount on flynax?

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    Sorry to hear that, you can use the on-line chat or wait until they see this. Sure everything will be all right.
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    Dear Fahad,

    Please submit a ticket to our helpdesk they will investigate it and help to restore access, for now i have disabled your account to avoid any further leakage.

    Sorry if you resolved it already and now not able to login

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    I sent a ticket to support
    I am awaiting a reply

    Thank you for your help . .

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    You are welcome, any other info have been changed, or only email?

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    E-mail has been changed Because I you try to restore the password but I did not see a message on my email ?
    But I do not know if it has been changed Domain: youcars.net ?
    Or my name: Fahad almutairi ?

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    No, domain and name are not changed.

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