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Thread: Comments - how to notify admin?

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    Comments - how to notify admin?

    Under AP > Basic Settings > Comment, I have the following:

    Send e-mail notification to listing owner > enabled

    Comments auto approval > disabled

    I want the Admin to approve comments before they're posted. So comments have the status of "Pending".

    The problem is ... while the listing owner is notified of a comment (even though it's pending) ... there is no notification sent to the Admin. I even checked Email Templates, and there's just the one email template that's sent to the owner.

    Meanwhile, the owner is confused, because they receive the email, but there's no comment visible.

    How can this work if the Admin is not notified of a pending comment?

    Thank you

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    I suggest you create a new ticket with the request. We will do it as small customization for you.
    Flynax technical department,
    Best wishes.

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