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Thread: Serious issue with single step Add a Listing page

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitalik Alekseev View Post
    I figured out the problem. Try to post an ad, FILL in all fields and upload a photo and WAIT more than 30 minutes

    if you don't wait 30 minutes - everything will be OK

    Ask questions, I can identify the problem - this is very important. Really looking forward to the answer
    30 minutes!....It seems your users got maximum execution time setting for a script.
    Actually in multi-step, session data will be save after move to the next page, so you won't lose data, but in one-step, user should change the page or click on submit to not losing data.
    Ask your server admin to increase max_execution_time limit from 30 minutes to 60 minutes or whatever you like.
    It seems you have an escort flynax script and you know, they are young ladies! ... typing a few words and going to makeup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickRon View Post
    Ever since I updated my Flynax site to 4.7 and started using the single-step Add a Listing page, I've had numerous customers contact me due to the following issue:

    They'll go through the entire single Add a Listing page, entering all their content and uploading their photos. When they get to the bottom and click the button to proceed to the next step, they get kicked out and sent back to their My Listings page. The listing is there, marked "incomplete" ... but when they go back to edit that listing ALL their data was gone. Needless to say, some of the customers were furious and we lost their business.

    I experienced this myself when I was testing my 4.7 site before going live and contacted Flynax support, but they couldn't re-create the issue.

    Well, the issue is definitely there. It happened again. Has anyone else experienced this??

    Also ... does anyone know how I can switch back to the multi-step Add a Listing process (instead of the single page)?

    Thank you
    I and some of my users had experienced this with more... meaning in some cases at the last step, no way to choose the locations ( country, state, city)... I had lost some businesses at that time. Today issue is not gone totally but it's happening less than before.
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    solved the problem - installed session.gc_maxlifetime 172800

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